Green Home Developers


We at home developers do not want to fail to recognize the need to go green.Although the construction industry is considered to be one of the most nature damaging industries, it isn’t so or rather it can be controlled. We try to preserve as many trees as possible & plant new ones. We want our spaces to look green and soothing and well connected to the nature. We also use the technology to help us protect the nature in many ways. Most of the materials we use are eco-friendly and little actions like that; on a scale do make a difference. We are also using the synthetic chemical plaster and adhesive to construct a wall of lightweight blocks, where there is no river sand used and such structure does not require any curing (procedure of soaking the bricks and applying water to the ready walls to help them to compact down and then set.) that cuts down the consumption of the water by an effective 75%. “Green Build” makes the products we use and the company has an IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) certification.